If the laminated glass on your automobile is chipped, shattered, or cracked, you are at risk of injury. Thankfully, Deveau’s Auto Body in Glen Cove, NY promises to repair or replace your auto glass quickly and get you back on the road. All auto glass services are guaranteed to look like new or better than before.
Many people find themselves tempted to ignore the cracks and chips in their auto glass. While small damage might seem unimportant, these quickly turn into monumental safety concerns down the road. When one aspect of your vehicle is damaged, you’re at risk for the whole structure to become unsound. This leads to compromised safety in your car. At Deveau Auto Body in Glen Cove, NY, we value the importance of minor damage to your auto glass. We combine our numerous years of experience in the field with our factory trained certified technicians to evaluate the damage and repair or replace your auto glass.

If you have cracked, chipped, shattered, or damaged auto glass, bring your vehicle to the technicians at Deveau Auto Body. We’ll clean the area and remove all the loose shards of glass. Then, we prep it for mending. Our shop contains only the latest, high-tech equipment, so you can feel confident knowing that your auto glass is being repaired by the best in the industry. Because our technicians restore auto glass with optically-matched resin, you’ll be pleased with the aesthetics of your vehicle. During this process, we remove all the air from the glass cracks. By doing this, we also prevent the crack from spreading any further.
Don’t chance your auto glass repair to just anyone. We’ve been a trusted pillar to our community and are ready to serve you as well. Stop by Deveau Auto Body for your auto glass service.