Don’t Settle For Less Than Expert Color Matching

Deveau's Auto Body NY Color Matching


At Deveau’s Auto Body, we have the equipment needed to provide our clients with the latest color match and water-based paint. Our experts receive certifications to ensure they provide top-quality matching which then gets used in our state of the art paint booths. This guarantees you receive the proper color, gloss, texture and finish to your luxury automobile.

Why You Need Expert Color Matching

Some people might not care if the color matches perfectly on an automobile, but we do. We don’t accept that close to the original color is sufficient; it must be perfect. Whether you need to fix your car after an accident or you desire a new paint job, we have the tools, skills and equipment needed to make it happen.

Once your car leaves our shop, you’ll think you just drove off the dealership lot. That’s because we guarantee a perfect match, the first time. Even if you just need a paint touch up because your car looks faded or dull, we can help!

It’s our duty to make sure you are completely satisfied with your paint job. If you need to have work done after a collision, let us handle the insurance company for you. You don’t need to do anything but bring your vehicle to us. We will even provide rental car services if you need it while you are down.

Don’t Trust Your Auto Paint to Just Anyone

Not everyone has the skills or tools to make sure your paint job is performed perfectly. In fact, we’ve earned our reputation in the community because of our dedication to excellence. We treat your vehicle as if it were our own and anything short of perfection just isn’t good enough for us. Stop by Deveau’s Auto Body in Glen Cove, NY today and we will show you our expert color matching skills.