As an environmentally conscious business, Deveau’s Auto Body has always worked hard to do its part to meet and most often exceed all new environmental regulations. We have been at the forefront of the auto body industry with the use of the latest in waterborne paint technology. Waterborne paints have significantly reduced our facilities overall VOC emissions from the traditional solvent-based auto paints. Waterborne coatings are much less toxic, have substantially lower VOC levels, and are less flammable. Their use helps us reduce our facilities air emissions and improve worker health and environmental consciousness. We remain one of only a few auto body repair centers on Long Island that are 100% waterborne.

Along with our use of waterborne paint technology we have a comprehensive recycling program in place at our facility that includes:

Sheet metal, Plastic parts, Batteries, Tires, Antifreeze, Air Conditioning Freon, Oil

As well as the use of recycled auto part when appropriate during the repair process.