At Deveau’s Auto Body, we offer insurance claims reporting and processing services. This is good news if you’ve recently been involved in an accident. You have enough going on during this time, you don’t need to worry about the insurance aspect right now. All you’ll have to do is give us the details and we can take everything over for you. Here are some steps you’ll want to take to make the process even smoother:

     1. Report Your Claim – Reporting the claim is the most important aspect of this process. Deveau’s Auto Body’s trained office staff assists you through the entire process, starting with making the report. The earlier you do this, the better your outcome will be. If you wait to make your claim, you might face unexpected delays. While most people only have to do this once in their life, our employees handle it every day, so they know how to navigate the process for you.

2. Contact us at Deveau’s Auto Body – If you went ahead and reported the claim yourself, you can still turn things over to us. Our expertly trained staff knows how to guide you around the insurance process. We’ll ask you any questions that will be needed by the insurance company and then take it over from there. We’ll also handle getting all the documentation to the company as required.

It’s Important to Know Your Rights

Insurance companies like to pressure people into a certain course of action, but you have the right to take your car anywhere you feel comfortable for repairs. That’s why you want to come to Deveau’s Auto Body for repairs and insurance claim management. Don’t let the insurance company bully you out of making the best decision.

If you have more questions about insurance claims reporting and processing, we are here to help. Give us a call so we can help you take the next steps.