What are the Benefits of Paintless Dent Repair?

Deveau's Auto Body NY Paintless Dent Repair Benefits


At Deveau’s Auto Body in Glen Cove, NY, we understand the importance of your luxury automobile. You spend a lot of money to acquire the vehicle of your dreams and you want it to look good. That’s why it’s so disturbing when something dents the body of your car. Thankfully, we have skilled technicians that offer affordable paintless dent repair in New York. Let’s discuss the benefits of this service.

Benefits to Paintless Dent Repair

After your Mercedes gets hit with a shopping cart or your Audi suffers hail damage, those dents and dings must be repaired. To do so, you want paintless dent repair. There are numerous benefits to PDR when compared to the conventional methods of removing dents.

First, PDR is affordable. It doesn’t require the installation of new panels or rely on the use of replacement paint. This saves you money and makes the insurance company happy as well.

Second, it’s a quick procedure. With a traditional dent repair, you might be without your vehicle as you wait for the steps to be completed and the paint to dry. With PDR, there’s only one process that needs to be completed and then your car can get back on the road.

Finally, PDR boosts your car resale value. Applying a new coat of paint over the factory finish lowers your resale value dramatically. It’s much better to care for the paint you have then to repaint the car. That’s what makes paintless dent repair so valuable. There’s never a need to touch your original paint finish.

We Can Help

At Deveau’s Auto Body in Glen Cove, NY, we have specially trained staff dedicated to understanding the best practices behind paintless dent repair. They have become experts in the field and can be trusted with your luxury automobile. Don’t take our word for it; just check out some of our amazing online reviews. Let us help you and we will get you back on the road fast, all while looking better than new.