Why is the Paint Peeling on Your Car?

Deveau's Auto Body NY Paint Peeling

Your car is your pride and joy, which is why it is alarming to see that some of the paint is starting to peel. Even after caring for it religiously, you might find areas on the hood or bumper that have begun peeling. This delamination decreases your resale value and causes your car to become an eyesore. Thankfully, the professionals at Deveau’s Auto Body in Glen Cove, NY know how to handle this concern.

Here are some reasons your automotive paint might be peeling.

Automotive Paint Basics

Modern vehicles feature glossy finishes created by several coatings. You will have a primer, which is the base layer and a base coat of paint. After that, there’s a layer of clear coat installed. These layers all work together to create the surface you see on your vehicle.

When one of the layers stops binding to the surface it is on; the paint begins to flake. There are two main reasons this happens.

Paint Surface Wasn’t Prepared Properly

If you attempted to paint the vehicle yourself, it’s likely that the surface wasn’t prepped properly. This caused the paint to delaminate due to poor adhesion.

Paint Seal is Compromised

Another cause is when one of the layers is compromised by a scratch, ding or rock chip. Once that happens, moisture and other debris make its way into the coating. The tiniest chip can lead to paint delamination if left untreated.

Can You Repair Peeling Paint?

It depends on the severity of your situation. If the clear coat is the only layer compromised, it might be repairable. Once the other layers begin to peel, you face more severe consequences. The other aspect is how large of an area is affected. Small, coin-sized spots are easily treatable, which is why it’s crucial to have it looked at right away.

At Deveau’s Auto Body in Glen Cove, NY, we deal with paint issues daily. Stop by at the first sign of a paint issue so we can look at it. Having your vehicle fixed while the problem is small will save you from costly and time-consuming issues down the road.